High Efficiency Cement Dust Collector Bags , Automatic Cement Silo Dust Collector

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Brand Name: AGICO
Price: Negotiation
Product Name: Cement Dust Collector Advantage: High Dust Collection Efficiency
Other Name: Dust Collector For Cement Industry Feature: Long Service Life
Operating Rate: High
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cement silo dust collector


dust collector for cement industry

Cement Dust Collector


The dust collector is a large-scale dust collector. The utility model has the advantages of large airflow processing, high ash removal efficiency, high dust removal efficiency, reliable driving, convenient maintenance and small floor space. Widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical, building materials and other fields. It consists of ash bucket, filter chamber, clean air chamber, frame, poppet valve, ash removal device and so on. During operation, the dusty gas enters the ash bucket through the air passage, and the larger dust particles fall directly to the bottom of the ash bucket, and the smaller dust rises into the filter chamber as the air rises. It remains on the outer surface and the purge gas enters the bag and exits the vent.



1. High dust collection efficiency. After purification, the exhaust dust concentration is ≤50mg/Nm3, and the dust collection efficiency is ≥99.9%.
2. High level of automation. It adopts computer control technology, chamber cleaning, automatic dust discharge and ash discharge.
3. Advanced technology. It is based on the technology of American Fuller and German dust collection technology combined with our national conditions. It has the functions of reverse chamber purging and pulse jet dedusting, which increases the adaptability of use and improves the efficiency of dust removal.
4. High operating rate. It can change bags for sub-rooms and provide maintenance without stopping the equipment. The host's turn-on rate is as high as 100%.
5. Long service life. High quality pulse valve for high efficiency, high stability and long life. Equipped with a high quality needle filter. The average life of the filter bag is more than two years.
6. Adaptability. It can handle dust gases with inlet concentrations up to 1300 mg / Nm3. It can be either a dust collecting device for O-sepa high-efficiency separators and vertical pulverizers, or a finished product collection device. This series of equipment can handle different dusts with special materials.



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